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                Here's what Wendy can throw together for you...

Delicious, tasty and specially planned meals
for your taste buds cooked by my food-love'n hands...
Wendy's personal chef services

        gives you more time to enjoy long summer days ahead
with friends and family... while eating healthy tasty
goodies using locally sourced foods!
I can cook any foods your heart and taste buds desire,..
but my specialties are healthy southern and gluten free.

        Fun, hands-on nekkid cooking parties
        featuring as many locally grown and
              North Carolina produced goodies as I can rustle up!   
    Small nekkid gatherings and events...
  farm hootenannies and rustic settings
...weddings and shindigs appointed with my
big old collection of vintage tableware, linens
and other accoutrement thrown about!
                  ...specializing in food bars and stations                                  
          Nekkid Demos   ...for your friends, food products, classroom, church group, girlz nite out, patients,
staff and more!   
Nekkid Culinary Adventures ...learning how to
shop NEKKID,
cook NEKKID and eat NEKKID
    at the farmers' market!

  Nekkid Suppers... or brunch or lunch
  ...for birthdays, anniversaries,
  celebrations of all sorts
  as a treat for your exceptional staff~
       ...mostly enjoyed passed family-style
in down home southern style...
  i shop nekkid, i cook nekkid and you eat nekkid!
...shall we put a peek
   of your nekkid cookin' adventure here for all to see?


           So, what IS this Throw Cooking Nekkid Food?

...the commencing, by person or "thing" of propelling undressed vittles, together, without recipes (or fear) to create tempting and tantalizing potions that will make you and your company want to
shop nekkid, cook nekkid and eat nekkid!
Take a peek at "My Cook'n Philosophy" to reveal more...
Please visit Wendy's home page with full menu of credentials by clicking on her face.
Wendy Perry
Culinary Adventurist &
Nekkid Party Hostess


***NOW Booking***

Miss Squash Blossom

...a real people magnet
and 1st place winner
Most Creative Booth Design @ Fall Southern Ideal Home Show Raleigh!
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 Now Booking

What's your fancy?
...backyard & farm weddings bars & stations
...festival appearances
...product representation' market demos
...birthday shindigs

* Corporate & Personal *

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Miss Wendy

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(fill in boxes below) filming
DUKE's Mayo
TV Commercial...
click image to see Wendy
and her nephew Wyatt
having a grand time!

"My experience with Wendy was AMAZING. She won a facebook competition and was included in TV commercials for one of the agency's clients. Her personality, warmth, product knowledge, recipe insights, and great attitude made her a delight to work with. I recommend Wendy highly and anyone who works with her will have a better end product due to her talents!!"

Marnie Blair Wilson
Account Management
Elevation Advertising

“Wendy goes above and beyond with every project we work on together for the television show I host. We first asked Wendy to come on the show as a guest giving us 4th of July menu ideas. Not only did Wendy prepare a literal feast, she also created the most beautiful set design with creative touches that looked brilliant on camera. This Southern sweetheart has talent in the kitchen, as a food stylist and as a spokesperson. Wendy always has a funny or entertaining way of explaining how she prepares her delicious dishes that connect with our viewers so well.”
August 2, 2012
Sharon Delaney McCloud, Host of My Carolina Today, WNCN NBC 17

“The day we got 2" of rain was the day we entertained 100 people around a covered deck! How Wendy was able to serve exceptional homemade food, with a smile, and the most creative food presentation I had ever seen. It, was astounding. She was excellent around all the guests and so organized throughout the evening.When she and her assistant Brad left the venue, all was clean and perfect. I would recommend Wendy anytime! As a matter of fact, I will be calling Wendy to teach "throw cooking " to a group of my friends in the cold winter months. I Can't wait to see her in action in the kitchen. She is a phenomenal Southern Culinary artist, not just a cook!”
October 2, 2012
Laura T.

“I found Wendy online and was attempting to learn to better my own cooking skills. Wendy has a different approach to cooking "nekkid" which allows the student to become creative from the very start! My friends and I absolutely loved working with her and learning all of her awesome tips, tricks, and skills. She truly was a joy to work with and made our cooking class extremely fun and entertaining. I plan to take future courses with Wendy and know that I've just scratched the tip of a culinary genius iceberg!”
October 31, 2012
Philip M

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